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Gunite Pools Methuen MA

We Install Quality Gunite Pools in Methuen MA

Gunite Swimming Pools: Create Your Oasis Today

If you search for Gunite Pools Methuen MA  you will find Creative Edge Pools a local pool company with years of experience installing gunite pools for homeowners in Methuen.

If you are considering putting in a new swimming pool or renovating your existing one, you may be wondering what the best material is. Inground swimming pools can be fiberglass or concrete. If choosing concrete, there are two options: gunite and shotcrete. Gunite swimming pools and shotcrete swimming pools have several differences, and it’s essential for you to know the facts and why we recommend gunite.

Gunite Pools vs. Shotcrete Pools

As noted, both types of pools are concrete; however, they have specific differences, the main one being how water is added. Shotcrete is premixed with water, then sent through a hose and sprayed with high pressure. With gunite, on the other hand, water isn't added until right before it’s dispensed to the surface. A dry mixture of sand and cement is inserted into a hopper and then sent through a hose. When the dry mixture reaches the end of the hose, water is added before it leaves the spout. So why is adding water later better?

Gunite Pool Methuen MA

What makes the gunite method more advantageous is that the work can be stopped at any time, which is critical because pool construction can take weeks or months to complete. At the end of the day, workers can leave the application, then return the next day to continue spraying. This isn’t the case with shotcrete.

Gunite is expelled at such a strong force, the new mixture bonds precisely with the old without causing in cold joints. Plus, this type of application is ideal for building on-site, something not possible with fiberglass pools. Gunite pools are also extremely durable and do not require a liner, which means it will be more aesthetically pleasing and retain its shape for years to come.

Gunite can feel a bit rough if not tiled. However, there are several different pool finishes that vary in texture and can eliminate the roughness.

We Design & Build Gunite Pools Near Methuen MA

The most important part of building a gunite pool is selecting the ideal location. We work with our clients to understand their desired placement while balancing things like underground lines and pipes, tree roots, and slope.

Once the right location is chosen, it’s time to dig. Once excavation and smoothing are complete, it’s time to install supports and plumbing. A steel frame is installed next, which covers the inside of the pool. The structure acts as the foundation for the gunite. Then the gunite is added and smoothed out.

Next, we add any tiles and decorate edges. Instead of tile, you may opt for plastering. Then it’s time for the equipment like pumps and electrical to be put in before finally filing the pool.

If you are ready to build the gunite pool of your dreams? Contact Creative Edge Pools today to learn more.

I would highly recommend Creative Edge for all your pool dreams! David and his daughter Kristen had a vision for our backyard that we couldn’t have imagined. Lisa was amazing with helping us pick out the finishing touches and keeping things moving. Finally, Heather was always ready to help us out on questions. The whole family really cares about the end result. We are enjoying our back yard oasis and have received nothing but amazing compliments. They continue to help us out on the service side and are very responsive. Thank you, Brabant’s!

Mike and Heidi

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